Tokyo Contemporary Art Award

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Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2021-2023 Exhibition

March 18(Sat.) – June 18(Sun.), 2023
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) established the Tokyo Contemporary Art Award (TCAA) in 2018 as a contemporary art prize to encourage mid-career artists to make new breakthroughs in their work by providing them with several year of continuous support.
An award exhibition will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo featuring Shiga Lieko and Takeuchi Kota, the winners of the third edition of TCAA for 2021-2023.

About the Exhibition
March 18 (Sat.)– June 18 (Sun.), 2023
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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Arts and Space / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture


Born in Aichi in 1980. Based in Miyagi.
Producing works related to memories that span generations, thinking about life from imaginations of death, and the relationship between nature and human society.

Installation view at solo exhibition “Human Spring,”
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 2019

Catatonia 2019, C-type print at “Human Spring,” Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 2019


Born in Hyogo in 1982. Based in Fukushima.
Takeuchi Kota’s work spans across temporal and spatial divides on the theme of parallel bodies and possession. His works explore the relationship between media and human nature and offer a simulated sharing experience between the artist and the viewer.

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Document 1: Corona and Body, 2020, installation, laser print on papers
Courtesy of SNOW Contemporary

“Aa” from Evidens, 2020, 56 photographs

About TCAA 2021-2023

After an open call for applications in June 2020, nominees were selected upon recommendation and much deliberation among selection committee members. The two winners were chosen after a series of preliminary screenings and virtual and in-person studio visits and interviews with the artists.

International Selection Committee
Sofía Hernández Chong CUY (Director, Kunstinstituut Melly)
SUMITOMO Fumihiko (Director, Arts Maebashi / Associate professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts)
TAKAHASHI Mizuki (Executive Director and Chief Curator, CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile))
Carol Yinghua LU (Director, Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum)
WASHIDA Meruro (Director, Towada Art Center)
KONDO Yuki (Program Director, Tokyo Arts and Space)

*Positions and titles current as of the time of the selection process.